Garab Dorji
Tourism Management Specialist

Garab Dorji is a veteran in Bhutan’s tourism industry with more than 25 years of experience. While in service, Garab Dorji has headed the operations division of one of Bhutan’s biggest tour companies in the country, Yangphel Adventure Travel. Subsequently, he founded and chaired the Tour Guide Association of Bhutan in 2009. He leads mostly specialized groups, including the National Geographic Adventures for which he has been its exclusive tour leader for the last five years. Simultaneously, he has also been working as a trip leader for Mountain Travel Sobek – a premier adventure company in the US – for the last seven years. An as eco-tourism fanatic, Garab Dorji has played a key role in promoting Bhutan’s environment-friendly tourism policies. He currently serves on the board of Tourism Council of Bhutan and as Chairman of Guide Association of Bhutan.

Area of Expertise

  • Management
  • Policy relating to tourism
  • Specialist in hikes and history of Bhutan
  • Tourism
  • Eco-tourism


Degree in English Honours, Sherubtse College, Kanglung, Trashigang in 1994

Professional Experience

  • Trainer for Tourism Council of Bhutan for trekking guides
  • Founder and President of Guide Association of Bhutan
  • 23 years of work experience in the tourism industry as guide, tour leader, and Senior Manager and then as General Manager for Yangphel Adventure
  • Led over 80 groups from National Geographic Adventures, Mountain Travel Sobek Geographic Expeditions, Abercrombie and Kent and Butterfield and Robinson in Bhutan
  • Handled celebrity guests like Demi Moore, Rodney Yee and some high profile businessmen like George David and Coulter, who arrived in their own aeroplane and toured Bhutan in helicopter.
  • Undergone the maximum number of helicopter trips in Bhutan and handled almost all the groups of Textile Museum of Washington DC, worked with Diana Meyers on two occasion and co-lead groups with her for Feathered Pipe Foundation, American Museum for Natural History, World Wild life Fund, and Footloose Foray
  • Coordinated successfully 69 Clients of La Jolla Symphony from San Diego in 2003
  • Led many VIP groups for Foreign Affairs Ministry, Bhutan
  • Organizer, coordinator, class captain, hostel captain and councilor in schools and college. Actively participated in social activates of schools, college and communities
  • Aspiring Member of Parliament from People’s Democratic Party, 2008 elections in Bhutan