Resilience and Climate Change

Environmental degradation mainly driven by demands from an ever-increasing population coupled with stresses from climate change is continuing to cripple the ecosystems ability to support life on earth. A functional ecological, social, spiritual, and economical diversity is a pre-requisite for securing resilience.

The HKH systems are endowed with highly diverse ecological, social, spiritual, and economic systems. These systems are quickly threatened by shocks and stresses from climate change and unbalanced economic development projects. BIHS will engage with Governments, NGOs, Private Sectors, Communities, and Donors to focus our research programs to under pin the underlying causes of ecological and social degradations to guide policy that will enhance resilience.


  • Resilience and Ecosystem Based Approach to Climate Change Adaptation in Mid Latitude Region
  • Carbon Footprint Assessments
  • Climate Change Risk and Impact Assessments
  • Climate Change Adaptation Strategies, Plans, and Programming
  • Biodiversity conservation, social, and ecological resilience
  • Low Carbon Development Pathways in Agriculture
  • Carbon-Neutral Management Strategies, Plans and Programming
  • Inventory GHGs and modelling
  • Modelling carbon sequestration
  • Inventory, rehabilitation, and monitoring of water sources
  • Climate change and water sources availability modeling
  • Urban water issues
  • Climate vulnerability and risk assessments